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New updates to the Great Skeleton Map












Quite a few updates recently to my Skeleton Archipelago.  The Great Skeleton Map – now contains  quite a few new locations, I’m forever trying to build this world into a more complete land.
I’ll get there, one boney step at a time. So I’m currently working with V4.0 which is the fourth incarnation of the island outline, so I’ve redrawn the coastline in far more detail.  I’ve also expanded the number of island in most directions, the most major being Kings Island to the north and Half Moon Peak/ Lammas Island to the south.

You will have noticed that new art using locations has been recently created depicting Drakeseye, Ramshorn peninsula and the new Forest of St Valentine.  I think my next work might be located around the new black Moon Bay/ Moon Garden / Half Moon Peak / Crescent Peninsula area south of the map, not quite sure where though yet.

It takes time, but this is a labour of love and I’m hoping one day it will become something bigger than I can make it.

Until then we’ll have to wait and see.  If you haven’t yet you should download the map and get involved, maybe select a location you’d like to see, or even propose a new township or location name.

Current exhibition: Smoke and Mirrors

Group exhibition just launched and I have four submissions. My four images on display are from my 2016 ‘Sensory Awareness’ series.

Mad Gallery: 19 High Street, Lancefield Victoria Australia 3435


Yeah I see your bandwagon, and I hopped right on 😉

Reditum – The Return

“Art is like the Phoenix, only once it has been blackened to ash can it be reborn”

So I’ve been in a dark place for a while, quietly rebuilding myself and reinventing my art.

Following my period of self induced ‘exile’ for want of a better word, I’ve only created art that was devoid of colour.  It’s a technique I do from time to time, to help re calibrate myself.

I’ve done a lot of reading, a lot of self searching, books on the occult, divination, mythology, dreams, deities and the like, I’ve hung out with crystals, tarot cards, candles, oils and incense and rune stones.  I’ve forgotten the magic, magic being the fun. With my wife at my side helping me to rebuild all that I’d torn down mentally.  I’m now revisiting a part of my spiritual self (yes I used that hokey term) that I thought was lost.  To clarify, by spirituality I mean, my interests in the fore mentioned areas.  Relax, I’m not becoming a born again lunatic by any stretch. However I am fascinated by humans, particularly their common ancient beliefs and superstitions, mythology and lore.  Personally I find there’s an element of romanticism with the occult.  It’s always been there, ever since I was a child, reveling in tales (true or false) of family members who were considered witches in their town, I stared at the roof  at night with talk of ghosts and giggled as family reconnect unexpectedly, at just the right times, as though they had spoken to each other subconsciously. All very exciting stuff to a boy growing up who was already a huge fan of monsters, devils, and mythological beasts.

So there is a certain comfort to be had to revisit it all. It feels like what I once was, before a large part of my life was given away to another person.  Now that that person has departed my life, I’ve been struggling with trying to find the real me that was left behind so very long ago.  This journey is as big a part of what makes me who and what I am, and my art, being the one thing I never lost, is an addition to it.  Now, as I come full circle and I return to colour, all of these influences come into being, at this one moment of alignment.  I finally have, at this point, a cloudy, but definite image of me.

My new wife, Amber, is open, kind and supportive and likes to be involved in the,  sometimes more unusual, things I do to amuse myself that help keep my work and self functioning and flowing positively.  By my nature I’m quite a self destructive person, so it’s a lot of hard work for us both.  A love like this is a precious commodity in my life.

Exile over, a return to colour and a supportive encouraging environment in hand – How could I possibly fail to reconnect with myself fully.  Thank you for coming along for the ride.

Peace and respect,



A time of reinvention

I’m about to commence a time of personal reinvention.  I’ve spent some time now indulging in somewhat self destructive activities which I will now call an end to.

Stand by, this happens from time to time, however I feel this is going to be quite a personal challenge for me.

Kind regards,



Waiting for Yesterday: Exhibition Launch Party

Featuring tapas and wine tasting – 5pm to 8pm

5 Kings Cafe – 119 Main Street, Romsey, Victoria 3434

Facebook Event page:


New Exhibition: Waiting for Yesterday – 19 Feb to 20 March 2016

Waiting for yesterday.  The very thought affects us in a gambit of ways. Are we waiting for good times past? lost or unrequited love? or can we simply not forget the hard times, the sad times, the times of loss or mourning?

Waiting for yesterday explores all of these emotions and attempts to tap in to the ‘better days gone bye’ scenario.  It’s a new world, but with the loss of so many personal heroes, family and friends to the past,  just what will tomorrow have in store for us or are we lost, yet still dreaming of better days?

Many of us are ready for today, most are prepared for tomorrow, but there are a countless number who can only sit and wait, for yesterday.


Dan Verkys new exhibition ‘Waiting for Yesterday’:

5 Kings Cafe
119 Main Street
Romsey Victoria

Official Launch party Saturday 20th February 2016
5pm to 8pm

* Featuring Chris Szkup and DJ Bun-D.M.C and wine tasting by Hesket Estate.

The Exhibition runs 19 February to 20 March 2016.


RIP David Bowie

Farewell to an amazing artist.

New Group Exhibition – ‘Anything goes X: Party’

I have entered 4 prints into my final exhibition for the year:  ‘Anything Goes x: Party’  a group show at Mad Gallery, 19 high street, Lancefield, Victoria – the exhibition runs  from 11 December to 28 January.

My original 4 submissions are – Sanctuary, Serenity, Tranquility and The Tea party.

Within days Sanctuary sold and has now been replaced with  ‘A Forgotten Garden’.

Where to from here?

With 9 days remaining until the close of my exhibition ‘Chaos Dreaming’  I’m left with an empty feeling of…’where to from here’.  It’s a weird transition point with me, unhappy with the sprinkles of work that I produce while a show runs, only to be presented with what work didn’t sell, and a collection of installation pieces and frames back to fill up the studio.


It’s difficult to just pick up and get going again, which is the reason I have a decent break between doing them.   I find my self easily distracted with other tedious aspects of the day to day.   Non are of particularly interesting personal merit.  Cooking, cleaning, and running around after others is ok for a while but it soon leaves me restless and bored.  Bored Dan is not something anyone needs, including me.  I become grumpy and distant and I do and will lose interest in things, especially people.

Finding the time (as I’ve recently been advised to do )  doing things I want to do, seems very hard.  I guess following putting so much time and effort in I find myself lacking commitment to an idea.  After being committed to Chaos Dreaming for almost a year from planning and development through to show close I’m left bare artistically.  Which sounds like such complete wankery.  But it is true.  No matter how successful the venture may have been, it actually leaves me slightly bitter and resntful, always thinking I could have done more, or better.

So following the close of the show I’ll have a period of weirdness until I find my legs again.  So for now I will focus on what Dan wants to do and hope I don’t become too bored with  the things and people that mean so much to me.





Chaos Dreaming opens

After months of planning, Chaos Dreaming officially launched at 2pm on Sunday 16th August at Mad Gallery , Lancefield Victoria.

There was a great turn out, and an equally great sales response to the work available.

I’d like to personally thank everyone who has supported me and all of those who took the time to come along to the launchI couldn’t do this without you.

The exhibition closes on September 17th 2015.

For more information keep an eye on my Facebook page.


For more photos from the launch check out the Chaos Dreaming gallery.

More press for Chaos Dreaming

To the humans we have lost

Cold, pale, mindless drone-like, propped up like scarecrows in rows
Technology, entertains us, rules us, technology owns us,
Tell me what to think, tell me what to eat, how feel, how to speak,
What are the other sheep in my heard doing, tell me, while I kneel
Stop me before I tweet, stop me from wandering into traffic on the street,
I used to know what I liked, I used to follow my own thoughts and passions
Now you tell me what to do, what to like , who to love, who to hate, how to look,
What is real, what is implanted, what happened to us, where did we lose the free will,
When did we decide to stop feeling for whatever causes we want
Rather that what you deliver into us through intravenous media drip,
Thought of the day delivered first class, straight into the brain of the mindless,
Cold flesh, emotionless, without empathy, without care, without humanity
Are we able to think beyond lions, war and religions?
Can we even think for ourselves anymore?

Updated Art Listing for the Chaos Dreaming Exhibition

Note: Show now commences on 7th August, the official launch afternoon is STILL Sunday 16th August at 2pm.

Thinking of coming along?  Check in to the Facebook event page:

Digital Prints

  • A Certain kind of numb
  • A Deathly Harvest
  • As she lay sleeping
  • Death Bringer
  • Enrapture Solitaire
  • For in dreams we weep
  • From whispers in dreams
  • Futility of resistance?
  • Goddess of Spring
  • In this moment
  • Jack ‘o Lantern Island
  • Kingdoms of circumstance
  • Lost in sorrow’s moonlight
  • Marooned Hereafter
  • Martyr Haus
  • Sovereign of the Ice Kingdom
  • The Peril of moonlight bay
  • The same deep water as you
  • The Stargazer’s Muse
  • The Summoning
  • To have and to hold
  • To the moon and back
  • Where the little ones Dream
  • The old road between Oz & Wonderland *
  • A hidden path below the Emerald City *
  • From the Mountains of Oz to the Valley of Wonderland *
  • Oz and Wonderland junction chamber *
  • Tulgey Wood Falls *
  • In the valley of Wonderland *
  • The path in the blue forest *
  • Where forest giants rest *
  • The gift of life *
  • Beyond the Peppermint Everglades *
  • Lure of the Siren *
  • Invocation of chaos *
Installation art displayed:

  • The Contradiction machine
  • Dream Titan
  • Wendigo
  • Blind Faith
  • Beyond the mask
  • Prodigy *

Paintings (may or may not be displayed): 

  •  Liar, Liar
  • The shadow of chaos
  • Of chaos profound
  • Silent man

* = Newly added items

‘Wizards of Wonderland’ 1 night Show

Wizards of Wonderland show

It’s official!!!!

The Chaos Dreaming exhibition is now READY TO ROLL for the launch at 2pm on Sunday August 16 2015 at Mad Gallery​… that is all!



‘Chaos Dreaming’ exhibition final listing.

From whispers in dreams

The following is the final listing of all art to be exhibited at Dan Verkys next solo exhibition, ‘Chaos Dreaming’ launching Sunday August 16th, running until September 17th 2015 at Mad Gallery, 19 High Street, Lancefield, Victoria.

Comprising of 21 digitally created A3 and 8×10″ framed pieces, 5 small to large installation pieces composed of foam-core skulls, barbed wire, rose thorn branches and other natural dried flora and several manic, acrylic on canvas art.  ‘Chaos Dreaming’ represents the culmination of 2 years work and offers a unique insight into the mind of one of Australia’s own dark, fantasy artists.

Digital Prints (limited to 35)


  • A Certain kind of numb
  • A Deathly Harvest
  • As she lay sleeping
  • Death Bringer
  • Enrapture Solitaire
  • For in dreams we weep
  • From whispers in dreams
  • Futility of resistance?
  • Goddess of Spring
  • In this moment
  • Jack ‘o Lantern Island
  • Kingdoms of circumstance
  • Lost in sorrow’s moonlight
  • Marooned Hereafter
  • Martyr Haus
  • The Peril of moonlight bay
  • The same deep water as you
  • The Stargazer’s Muse
  • The Summoning
  • To have and to hold
  • To the moon and back

Installation art

  • The Contradiction machine
  • Dream Titan
  • Wendigo
  • Blind Faith
  • Beyond the mask


  • Liar, Liar
  • The shadow of chaos
  • Of chaos profound
  • Silent man

Art provided for new book about the Necronomicon


Gothic Dreams: Necronomicon

The Necronomicon – the Book of the Dead – what horrors lurk inside, whispering malevolently as the secrets try to creep out… Master of weird horror H.P. Lovecraft famously mentioned the mysterious fictional Necronomicon in some of his stories, with no more than a few cryptic references to it, and he inspired other authors, such as August Derleth, to incorporate the grimoire into their own works. Thus this notorious book, featuring arcane text and histories of the terrible gods that stalk these writers’ works, has taken on a life of its own. In this exciting new book, punchy text describes how fantasy art, literature and movies have been influenced by this dangerous tome, accompanied by powerfully atmospheric artworks.


Product details
Author Sammy Maine
Foreword by S.T. JoshiHardback: 10,000 words, 128 pages, 60 illustrations
ISBN: 9781783613205
Series: Gothic Dreams
Dimensions: 231 x 203 x 16 mm

Arwork featured:

1. True grief profound

2. A deathly harvest

3. Ortus of Diabolus Pontus (Birth of the Devils Bride)

Chaos Dreaming Merchandise

Cant wait for the show?

Can’t get to the show?

Then why not grab some the official #chaosdreaming exhibition goodies and contribute to making this an awesome show.

Clothing, cards , stickers etc are available, but only until the show closes on September 17th 2015.

Why just look at art when you can wear it, everyday!

Click here and purchase your Chaos Dreaming official merchandise today.

Thanks, take care and sweet dreams,


The exhibition juggernaut commences


#chaosdreaming the exhibition launch is on Sunday August 16th 2pm – 4pm.

Featuring guitarist Chris Szkup.

Back in the studio

This week I’ve made a conscious effort to try and get back into the studio more in an attempt to increase artistic productivity, creating something more than just digital work.  I feel like I’ve really let this part of me go in recent months.  It feels great to get out there and get busy on something that is personally gratifying.  I thoroughly enjoy working on projects for clients, but nothing is more gratifying than the self expression of my own inner emotions, even if it’s in the slightly odd manner in which I do it.

After a period of time feeling mentally lethargic, unproductive and discouraged, I’ve decided to push myself a little harder. Although I have announced that a show is coming (Skeletopia) at this stage I can’t release a date or venue yet, as it was really more of a kick in the ass to get me motivated working towards an artistic goal.

It takes a fair amount of time, work, stress and money to put a show on, but I am indeed preparing for one.  Working on a few installation pieces in a similar vein to what was shown at “Caught between Shadow and daylight” back in 2013 has got me excited about it all again. So I’m actively researching venues as we speak and look forward to locking gallery date some time soon.

‘Skeletopia’ – obviously a blend of the words skeleton and utopia, will be the main premise behind the show.  Less confronting imagery will be exhibited this time, even though my darker themed work has been creeping back to the forefront of creation recently.

The show (should) consist of basically skeletons in dreamscapes.  I’m not 100% sure yet how, or indeed if, the installation art I’ve been working on recently will appear at the show.  Only time will tell.

Take care, until next time.



Studio time

Studio timeRecently I’ve spent more and more time in my studio.  Consolidating images, devising new installation pieces, writing (yes writing) and commencing much of the digital work you see posted here, on my facebook page, and on the various other social media sites I haunt.

It’s a place where I can escape the everyday me, leave being a mundane employee behind, relax at being ‘Dad’, or  being functioning member of society for that matter, and just do the things I wan’t to do without any rules or limitations.

Many of the things I paint or draw are pretty crappy, but I do sketch little ideas out from time to time and I enjoy just spending time with my Fiancee as she creates her water colour art and keeps me company. But that is where I practice, laugh, cry, bleed, have fun and forget the sometimes shitty world outside. It’s a place for being an ‘imaginer’ as Clive Barker calls it.  It’s a very apt description of being an artist and for creating art in any form.  Just having a place where you can make your dreams, nightmares and day dream fantasies come to life is very important .

At the moment the majority of my art has taken a dreamlike quality that I’m actually enjoying and comfortable with.  I occasionally welcome ‘the other me’ back and the darker art work is always there under the surface, it usually takes a preoccupied or frustrated mind or perhaps zero art release, but it comes out and most people don’t seem to mind it.

I don’t often use my space here for the blog that it is, but I’m hoping from time to time to increase the rarity.  Anyway that’s my quick ramble and I’ll get back to work now.

take care,

Cover for new book by L.A. Nantz – ‘Mia’s Tempest’

Finally completed the cover for L.A. Nantz’s book ‘Mia’s Tempest’…after much delay due to illness, sorry L.A.

Pretty happy with the cover as it features my little Italian helper Silvia Alessandrini Photography as model.

Grab your copy today and have a read.



New art ‘Eternia’ completes my trilogy


My Masters of the Universe trilogy is now complete.  As a boy I loved this toy line, I still love it in fact, I have some my fondest memories because of it.


Click here for credits

In 2013 I completed the following:

Snake Mountain (2013)

Grayskull (2013)