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Reflection at Stamet Falls

Memento Mori

Moon Garden

New updates to the Great Skeleton Map












Quite a few updates recently to my Skeleton Archipelago.  The Great Skeleton Map – now contains  quite a few new locations, I’m forever trying to build this world into a more complete land.
I’ll get there, one boney step at a time. So I’m currently working with V4.0 which is the fourth incarnation of the island outline, so I’ve redrawn the coastline in far more detail.  I’ve also expanded the number of island in most directions, the most major being Kings Island to the north and Half Moon Peak/ Lammas Island to the south.

You will have noticed that new art using locations has been recently created depicting Drakeseye, Ramshorn peninsula and the new Forest of St Valentine.  I think my next work might be located around the new black Moon Bay/ Moon Garden / Half Moon Peak / Crescent Peninsula area south of the map, not quite sure where though yet.

It takes time, but this is a labour of love and I’m hoping one day it will become something bigger than I can make it.

Until then we’ll have to wait and see.  If you haven’t yet you should download the map and get involved, maybe select a location you’d like to see, or even propose a new township or location name.

Ramshorn Peninsula

Sanguine Forest of Love

Moonrise at Drakeseye

The Last Giant of Barrenhall